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HERE COMES EVERYBODY – work in progress tower#1

kennardphillipps Here Comes Everybody [Tower#1]


HERE COMES EVERYBODY – new work in an exhibition at Stills gallery, Edinburgh, Aug-Oct 2015

kennardphillipps Here Comes Everybody [Study#1Paper money]


Here Comes Everybody sets the rules in its title.  Corporate architects are having a heyday with their gherkins, shards and toasters and turds. kennardphillipps collapse the towers of capital into the people’s landscape, biting at hierarchy with the stuff of their dustbin. Exhibition and Action, Stills gallery and St James’ Centre.

Free Admission | two sites, Stills gallery and St James’ Shopping Centre

Opening Times: 10am-6pm

Dates: 1st Aug – 31st Aug (War On War Room)

1st Aug – 25th Oct (Stills)


Here Comes Everybody is an exhibition of work by kennardphillipps and the community groups of Edinburgh.

Through the creation of a ‘cauldron’ of photographic imagery comprised of photomontage, digital prints and found newspapers, the artists will explore ideas around image consumption, production and camera surveillance, highlighting what they describe as the ‘cause and effect’ of a range of global issues such as financial austerity, climate change, disease and war.

kennardphillipps show their work in public spaces of all kinds ranging from the street, museums, galleries, newspapers, magazines and the internet. Here Comes Everybody will be accompanied by the War on War Room, an installation and work space sited within the St James shopping centre. During August, work produced by Edinburgh’s community groups in the War on War Room will be fed into the exhibition at Stills. These new works from multiple perspectives will be integrated into the artists’ original installation.

kennardphillipps believe that finding visual forms of expression through mashing up existing photographs and scanning personal material is a way for people to combat the inequalities in society: “The people have the knowledge, we bring the means of production.”

New work for the exhibition has been co-commissioned by Stills and a/political, London.


new work for Greenpeace #SavetheArctic campaign – A Song of Oil, Ice and Fire


Greenpeace Save the Arctic campaign got us to make some artwork for their video A Song of Oil, Ice and Fire – click this reimagined image of Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s World to watch the film

OOr watch the film HERE

new book out on political art and activism

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