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Untitled (Occupy Everything)

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Harold Pinter reading WAR at opening of ‘Award’ at Henry Peacock Gallery, London, 2004

Harold Pinter reading WAR at kennardphillipps’ opening of ‘Award’ exhibition at Henry Peacock Gallery, London, 2004 from kennardphillipps on Vimeo.

Harold Pinter reading WAR at kennardphillipps' opening of 'Award' exhibiting at Henry Peacock Gallery, London, 2004.
WAR is an anthology of poems published by Faber and Faber, 2003 ISBN: 9780571221318

Harold Pinter's response to world events is always pure and simple: he writes with an economy that throws the stark light of truth onto any given subject. There is no fudge, no dallying, no compromise.
The eight poems and one speech published here testify to the strength and lucidity of his unwavering view on war and provide a declaration for humanity.

Atlas World Times 2008

at-01291Invited on a short residency at Interface, Ulster University of Art and Design in Belfast we were given the freedom to work on the printing technology, printing on objects and burning with a laser cutter we produced the Atlas World Times, montaging images of the destruction in Iraq onto the pages of the atlas, cutting through the margins with barcodes, dollar signs and corporate logos. View the entire atlas here SEE MORE >

Financial Times Wednesday 12 November 2008



Dollar #2


Dollar #1




Blood on the Scanner


The series of prints in ‘Award’ arose out of our need to find a way to express our disgust with the war against Iraq and attempt to revoke our impotence in the face of the raging terrorism committed in the name of democracy. We wanted to use digital technology to make visceral images that used everyday stuff as directly as we could in order to respond to the war’s full horror with thousands of Iraqis being killed.