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Palestine Gallery Commission, London

Commissioned by the Palestine Gallery in London in 2008, to create a work depicting Palestinian life and culture from 1900 to present day. We chose to print and paint on a mix of canvas fragments and paper which we assembled as one canvas 18metres long by 2 to 4metres deep.

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Iraq: a process of resistance 2008


Iraq: a process of resistance documents the visual protest made by artists kennardphillipps against the invasion of Iraq and the transpiring obliteration of civilian life in Iraq 2002 – 2008. The work aims to be accessible by the general public and to involve them in questions relating to activism and art. Designed for the Brighton Photo Biennial 2008, Iraq: a process of resistance was shown at Ink-d gallery.


Santa’s Ghetto, Bethlehem 2007


we're still smoking the jordanian 'rizlas' johnny got us from the local shop - their the purest smoke, no glue! anyone know how to import them? We haven't put up any pictures of our palestinian friends here for fear that they'd get hassled by the israeli authorities - but we think of you lot a lot!


New Statesman Christmas Card


Happy Christmas From Santa's Ghetto Bethlehem 2007

Nakba 60 billboard series


The Nakba 60 commissioned a group of artists to create a series of billboards to highlight the destruction of the state of Palestine at the moment Israel was created. It ran the billboards as Israel had their 60th anniversary celebrations in London.

Nakba 60 billboard by kennardphillipps on Kilburn Highroad

Nakba 60 billboard by kennardphillipps in Kensal Rise

Free Palestine

45. Nakba60, kennardphillipps,pigment print,2008


BULB expose Caterpillar brand involved in attack on Palestinian homes

BULB issue 10 June:July 2006

BULB issue 10 June:July 2006

Nakba 60


Nakba 60
billboard in kensal rise, london


Who’s paying for this?


print on apartheid wall around/ in bethlehem


Happy Christmas From Palestine

Happy Christmas From Palestine,kennardphillipps,2007

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