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Palestine Gallery Commission, London

Commissioned by the Palestine Gallery in London in 2008, to create a work depicting Palestinian life and culture from 1900 to present day. We chose to print and paint on a mix of canvas fragments and paper which we assembled as one canvas 18metres long by 2 to 4metres deep.

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Embedded Art 2009


Control Room 2

6m x 18m

oil, acrylic, pigment ink, paper on billboard print


Akademie Der Kunst, Berlin, Germany

We were commissioned to make Control Room 2 for Embedded Art , a group exhibition dealing with issues of surveillance. We got the background image of a control room printed as three 6 metre by 6 metre street posters on blue back billboard paper.




Playing around with the the concoction, fabrication of value in the global capitalist financial system, we engaged city workers with some simple truth derivatives during their lunchbreak, equating their salaried/bonus income with the cost of lunch for a worker in the producing countries ie Mozambique, Brazil, Indonesia, Bangladesh.


Nakba 60 billboard series


The Nakba 60 commissioned a group of artists to create a series of billboards to highlight the destruction of the state of Palestine at the moment Israel was created. It ran the billboards as Israel had their 60th anniversary celebrations in London.

Nakba 60 billboard by kennardphillipps on Kilburn Highroad

Nakba 60 billboard by kennardphillipps in Kensal Rise

Art Media & Contested Space

Interface will present a large-scale public art project situated across 36 Belfast city-centre locations, where artists have been invited to produce a 48-sheet billboard image. Artists’ works will appear alongside advertising sites during the busiest shopping period of the year, leading up to Christmas.interface-belfast-billboard1artmediacontestedspace-1artmediacontestedspace2-2

DEMO 2004


A film showing kennardphillipps installing the exhibition DEMO at City Hall, London in 2004 – also featuring the making of DECORATION and AWARD

Film by Kristian Buus

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