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Fragments From a Broken World, National Photographic Archive, Dublin

“We hope to be finished by lunchtime…..” new work criticising the Iraq Inquiry will be on show this July.

Fragments From a Broken World – National Photographic Archive – Meeting House Square – Temple Bar – Dublin 2 – Ireland       July 2nd – August 2nd Admission free

‘We hope to be finished by lunchtime….” (work in progress)

“We hope to be finished by lunchtime…..” (work in progress)

A work inspired by the Iraq Inquiry, commissioned by PhotoIreland for exhibition at the National Photographic Archive, Dublin, July 2010



Embedded Art 2009


Control Room 2

6m x 18m

oil, acrylic, pigment ink, paper on billboard print


Akademie Der Kunst, Berlin, Germany

We were commissioned to make Control Room 2 for Embedded Art , a group exhibition dealing with issues of surveillance. We got the background image of a control room printed as three 6 metre by 6 metre street posters on blue back billboard paper.


G20 New Number of the Beast 2009


G20 New Number of the Beast, disused shop, Carnaby Street, London, UK, 2009.

To mark the G20 arrival in London and celebrate the protesters in the City we’ve made a trashed installation down in shopping central


Iraq: a process of resistance 2008


Iraq: a process of resistance documents the visual protest made by artists kennardphillipps against the invasion of Iraq and the transpiring obliteration of civilian life in Iraq 2002 – 2008. The work aims to be accessible by the general public and to involve them in questions relating to activism and art. Designed for the Brighton Photo Biennial 2008, Iraq: a process of resistance was shown at Ink-d gallery.


Santa’s Ghetto, Bethlehem 2007


we're still smoking the jordanian 'rizlas' johnny got us from the local shop - their the purest smoke, no glue! anyone know how to import them? We haven't put up any pictures of our palestinian friends here for fear that they'd get hassled by the israeli authorities - but we think of you lot a lot!


Forms of Resistance:Artists and the desire for social change from 1871 to the present. 2007


Forms of Resistance was a large show at the Vanne Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands, for which we remade soldier#1 as a billboard and showed the STOP protest posters surrounding the footage from Lakenheath airbase.


Blairaq 2007

Blairaq - An installation of new works by peter Kennard and Cat


pigment ink and pva on newspaper

300cm x 600cm

Leonard Street Gallery, London, Uk  2007


Antennae 2007

CoverStory_edit2Iraq Destroyed

pigment ink on newspaper

350cm x 300cm

Houston Centre of Photography, Texas USA 2007.

The work is a portrait of George Bush printed across 58 copies of the Houston Chronicle torn through to reveal images of the destruction of the Iraqi people and their landscape.


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